Las Vegas 1955

A 1954 "Mist-Green" Cadillac ambles down the strip towards The Golden Nugget, Vegas Vic, trees and purple mountains as a pedestrian cools his heels on the corner of 3rd Street and Fremont.

Did you know Las Vegas once looked like a western town? Establishments like Smith & Chandler Western Outfitters, the brick Delkin Building on the left and trading posts add to the western flavor. Even the theater is playing "Man Without a Star" with Kirk Douglas. Tagline: "A love-bargain is like barbed-wire...fight it and you'll get hurt!" I Wonder what the special at the Melody Restaurant was? Notice the musical notes that must have danced along at night.

Here's what it looks like today. Hmmm. Apparently, historic preservation in "Glitter Gulch" is about as popular as sand in your chaps. Most of Fremont is a covered galleria today, called the "Fremont Experience." Daddy needs new shoes, baby!

More here for all the high-rollers!

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  1. Is that a cowboy in the Outfitter's window?


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