Montréal’s Expo 67 - Part 1

Welcome to Expo 67 - "Man and His World"
Anyone know where this is? Perhaps in the Victoria Autoparc?

Posing with a guide in the Germany pavilion.

Lining up to cross the Cosmos Walk. USSR is pavilion behind the minirail.

A closer view of the USSR pavilion with extreme cantilevered floor. Architect: M. V. Posokhin. Man the Explorer pavilion in background.

It's a very long line for the USA pavilion. Designed by R. Buckminster Fuller and Geometrics Inc. USSR in background across the LeMoyne Channel. Note people passed out on the lawn...

Lining up for something (USSR?) along Rodin. Photo taken from minirail. Cars of Yesteryear tower and Man the Producer can be seen in the background.

People wait in snaking lines to see Kodak Canada and Multiple Man (on the left). Bulgaria is up the steps on the right. Vaporetto, "Africa" stop is beyond the Kodak pavilion.

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  1. This may seem naive, but I never knew why Montreal's baseball team was called the Expos before now....

  2. Yea, really. I guess being named after a Fair makes as much sense as birds, fish, socks or beer-makers. And more imaginative than the Washington Nationals (which is what the Expos became)

  3. This is such a fantastic post, great images and curation. And would you look at those gargantuan EXPO letters, enough to make a type happy girl swoon, ha.

  4. Hey thanks Amy, I don't know why, but this particular sign fascinated me too for some reason. There's a great video I have of cheerleaders dancing all around them and on top of them. It was one of the first things built on the island.


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