Brussels World Exhibition 1958 - Part 3

Happy New Year's! Wow, 2010 — we really are living in the future! And to follow that theme, I'm going to finish out the collection I have of the 1958 World's Fair for the next couple of posts. Enjoy!

Looking towards the Atomium up Kongolan and Avenue Du Congo. The Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi Hall (Government Pavilion) is on the left. Architect: G. Ricquier. "Five Department Stores" are on the right, by Le Soir. In one section were five showcases which depicted "Life in the year 2000." Any one have photos of this?

The Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi Hall (Government Pavilion) interior.

Overview of the exhibition with the transport hall and the dyke at the Netherlands Pavilion. The theme of the Dutch exhibit was "The Struggle Against Water." If you've ever visited Amsterdam, you will be amazed at the network of canals and dykes.

The interior 'polder' area (representing land below sea-level) of the Dutch Pavilion had an interesting dome-like building detailing the methods used to drain the land.

From the 1958 Guide: "On the visitor's ear will impinge the joyful chimes proclaiming the happiness of the inhabitants of the Netherlands." Huh? Anyways, cool building.

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  1. I visited La Atomium in the '90s but was unaware of the context in which it originally existed- thanks!


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