Blizzard of 1950 — Xenia, Ohio

Blizzard of 1950 — Xenia, Ohio
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© Original 35mm Kodachrome transparency
From a reader — "I happened to stumble upon 4 pictures you have posted in flickr of the 1950 Thanksgiving Blizzard in Xenia, Ohio. WOW! I was born in Xenia, in 1950. I grew up there and am old enough to appreciate what beauty we had in small town America. Those photos are so crisp and sharp. Friends I grew up with cannot believe how beautiful they are. Xenia lost so much in the F5 tornado that happened April 3, 1974. That beautiful building across from the Corner Pharmacy, along with that whole block of buildings are only a memory. They were blown to shambles. The old Kennedy's was smashed. Many schools and fine old homes were demolished.

Do you have any other pictures of Xenia? Any year, it doesn't matter. If so, would you be willing to share those?"

Sure thing! Here's the rest of what I can find. Sorry to hear about the tornado...
- electrospark

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