Canadian Pavillion, Lumber and Glass — 1958 World's Fair

Here's some interior shots at various pavilions. The slides are unlabeled, and my knowledge of the 1958 Exposition is minimal at best, so some of these are unidentified.

I love the tree (or lumber?) exhibit here. This could be in the Canadian Pavilion. Note the dominant color scheme at the fair: red, yellow and blue; much like the palette the Eames used in the 50s.

A pair of visitors looking a a glass exhibit behind a fountain and sculptural wall.

Glass Exhibit.

Glass Exhibit.

Canadian Pavilion interior. More yellows, blues and reds. The modernistic mural at the end of the second story deserves note. The large map of Canada on the left appears metallic.


  1. WOW, these images (and the other Brussels World's Fair images you've shared) are absolutely some of the best I've ever seen. You're right, there just isn't that much out there about the '58 Fair.

    THANKS for these!

  2. Thanks Major!

    I know - the official guidebooks are horribly translated; the pavilions have lackluster names, etc. But the architecture and displays are so awesome! I'm having fun learning about it. One last post to come, I think.

  3. For the fans of the Canadian pavillion on the Worldfair in Brussels (Belgium) in 1958, I maybe have some good news.
    After the Worldfair, the pavillion was sold and rebuilded in my hometown (Genk, in the north-east of Belgium) where it has been a school since then. Go to the website www.lyceumgenk.be and click on "Historiek". There you can find the history of the Canadian pavillion over the years. You will see that the rebuild in 1959, and the major restoration in the late 70's. Enjoy.
    Michel Driessen
    Genk (Belgium)

  4. Wow - It's nice to have friends around the world! Looks like a happy ending for that pavilion.

    Thanks for the tip, Michel.

  5. The last photo in the sequence is indeed the pavilion of Canada! But, the other photos are interiors of the Czechoslovakian pavilion!

  6. The photos are all from the Czechoslovakian pavilion except the last one which is the Canadian pavilion


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