Aruba Caribbean Hotel & Casino, 1958 promotional brochure

Aruba, an autonomous region within the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a tropical island cooled by trade winds and situated out of the path of hurricanes. When the Aruba Caribbean Hotel-casino opened in 1959, it became the first luxurious hotel on Palm Beach, once a lovely palm-lined beach. Today this 1.5 mile stretch is home to 11 hotels and timeshare resorts, as well as many restaurants and shops. Collectively the area is known as the High Rise Area.

Romance is in the Aruban air as Bob & Betty Kravitz relax on the circle rug and gaze at... the TV?

Icon maps such as this are sure popular in the '50s, especially on Caribbean promotional material.

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  1. Bob and Betty sure look like they know how to have fun- love the furniture like the lamp that matches the rug...

  2. This place looks amazing, I would love to visit someday. Hey everything does match each other.

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  4. I love to see Aruba Caribbean memorabilia. I was practically born at that hotel and lived there for 4 1/2 years. I still remember a great deal of the time there. My father became the hotel's general manager. We left the island in 1966. I guess it had become a bit small for my parents. I'm pretty certain that I have that fine cartoon map as well. The Ericofon, by the way, was in every room.

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