Chrysler at the World's Fair, Flushing Meadows 1964-5

A gentleman from Long Island has his portrait recorded in front of the Chrysler Autofare pavilion, one of the largest at the fair. The 100-ft engine contained a 50-ft. dragon crankshaft driving 1-ton pistons, and included a display of metallic monsters. Several 1965 models float on fountains of water like graceful swans below. The fanciful rocket symbolizes Chrysler's involvement in aerospace and missiles. Further back, a Saturn rocket marks the USA Space Park next to the Hall of Science. Sinclair's Dinoland, located to the far right, includes life-size dinosaur replicas. (This image was assembled from two slides, hence the disappearing railing)
This giant 80-ft. car is the centerpiece of "Styling Island." The exhibit underneath contains displays which emphasize the company's automotive styling. And as an example, a yellow/black 1965 Dodge Dart GT 2-Door Hardtop floats by. The pylons from the Ford Rotunda rise in the background.

These images evoke a sense of the promise for the future America had at the beginning of the 60s. There seems to be a sense of wonder at new technology, as basic as it looks to us today. Who would have thought then that Chrysler, GM and others would be bankrupt by 2009?

The World's Fair Pavilion. Architects: Eggers & Higgins, NYC.

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