Marco Beach Hotel and Villas, Florida - 1965

...And what a life it probably was until the island was over-developed in the early 60s. The developers (Deltona Corp) bought the entire island and developed the whole thing. They eventually went broke fighting environmental laws, but not until the damage was done. This hotel (tropical and quaint by today's standards) was opened in 1965. Cost: $16 for a double occupancy room. A ginormous Marriott now sits on the site at 400 South Collier Boulevard.

One of the most important archaeological sites in North America was located on this once remote and wild island, then called Key Marco. Numerous items of carved and painted wood were discovered preserved in a mucky bayou on the north side. The famous "Marco Cat" came from here. Also under this motel was rumored to be a treasure ship! See this page for the whole story. Put on your kookiest hat and enjoy another part of weird Florida!

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  1. Great backstory- typical Florida to pave over the archeological relics... Love the typography!


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