Kodachrome trip to West Florida, 1949 (Part 2)

I want to buy an Airstream and take it here for a month!

Old Florida Cracker Shack - Estero Bay?
This slide looked plain at first, but on inspection, you can see an awesome fishing shack on the point under the Coconut palms. I can only imagine how plentiful the birds and fish must have been, not to mention the natural beauty of this spot. To get anywhere this remote and idyllic these days, you most certainly need a boat.

The Royal Palms of McGregor Blvd., entrance to Thomas Edison's and Henry Ford' s winter homes. Across the street is the laboratory where Edison worked with goldenrod to create a natural source of rubber. One of my idols, he holds patents on so many things, it makes your head swim. His favorite was the phonograph. Imagine what he would think about today's music systems.

Edison's third wife Mina's "Moonlight Garden" where she planted white flowers so they could be seen in the Ft. Myers moonlight.

The back yard of Edison's home. He passed away in 1931, so he was only gone for 18 years when these pictures were taken. The grounds are more manicured today, (the Moonlight Garden was re-built by a team of landscape architects in 2006) and the homes repaired, but when you're there, you go back in time a little.

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  1. I was at Edison's home in March- it's amazing how much larger the trees are now. And I have to say the Moonlight Garden is looking much better have to going back to the original landscape design.

  2. Greatness as usual. Thanks!

  3. those top three pictures look like a place that still exists...but i don't want to tell you where it is ;-)

  4. Hi June- good enough to know it exists.
    I saw something similar to the cracker shack on the way to Siesta Key.
    And if you change your mind, private message me?

  5. I would but I don't know how to do that...not so familiar with this blogging thing yet. But your site is cool


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