San Francisco Slides, 1953

Here's an nice view down Taylor St. from Jefferson with pier 45 in the background. Not much has changed over the years, here. Alioto's and Fishermans Grotto are still going strong, and the wharf remains a vital part of San Francisco. Prices on the menu may have changed a bit...

I visited this great American roadhouse in 2000 and was able to enjoy the strange mechanical amusement arcade museum and camera obscura on the bottom floor. (The Mechanical Museum is now at Pier 45!) The red brick and California redwood were gone, but we enjoyed a drink in the restaurant and I gotta say the view was mesmerizing. I didn't see the cool Totem pole, or the pronto pups...

This mid-century structure (Whitney's) was remodeled in an $18-million effort in 2003 resulting in a version similar to the 1909 structure.

Here is the 1896 Victorian Structure Alfed Sutro built that burned in 1906. The baths next door were the largest in the world. More pictures and info here.

Our photographer and west coast explorer stayed here, parking his 1954 Buick Century on the street. Looks like a cozy house!

And his car can go up hills!

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