Kodachrome trip to West Florida, 1949

In response to the sad news that Kodak has formally stopped producing Kodachrome, I felt compelled to post some original scenics and found these in our archives. Scanned from 35mm slides taken on a trip through Florida 60 years ago in 1949, they exhibit remarkable color and sharpness (and a bit of warmth and oversaturation) typical of Kodachrome.

Destination? An unknown trailer park somewhere between Sarasota and Ft. Myers (Anyone know where this is?). Our vacationers look relaxed and happy. To anyone not from Florida, this is a blast from the past. Almost every square inch of Florida sand has been privatized and leveraged to it's monetary fullest with towering condos, private McMansions or corporate chain hotels. (Ok, it's not that bad yet, but you gotta look hard to find that salty strip of paradise where you can enjoy a beverage and a campfire at ease...)

Trailers on a Florida Beach? Gotta be the 40s!

Paradise found!

Dinner around the trailers. Pull up a chair!

Wonderful scenic, probably Charlotte Harbor area.

Aquamaids, Cypress Gardens, posing after a show

Familiar Cypress Gardens Ski logos
Used on almost all mid-century skis. Which one is older?

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  1. Fantastic shots! Am curious why the url indicates it's 1953 though the title of the post says 1949.

  2. Anonomous - it's 1949.
    The url is set when you first post,
    and to change means a complete delete/repost.


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