Forgotton Architecture - Clearwater, Florida 1974

I came across this little set of slides as I was going through a new box of found photos. The vacationer must have stayed at Schrafft's Motel, and took a walk around the Cleveland St. / Drew Street area with his camera. It's a beautiful spot of high bluffs overlooking the bay and Clearwater Beach to the west. It dawned on me that ALL these buildings are now gone! So here's a post for Clearwater lost architecture.

Clearwater Baptist Church
Was located on the bluffs overlooking Clearwater Beach on Cleveland Street. Torn down to make way for a huge condo project.

The Clearwater Chamber of Commerce
This googie/mid-century modern building was on the bluff behind the old Library. Not sure when it was taken down. It would make a cool house, I think! This is now the northern end of Coachman Park.

Back of the COC.

Clearwater Public Library.
This was taken down and replaced with a new one in 2004.

Schrafft's Motel, Restaurant and Lounge.
Across the street from the COC and Library, this was a great place to sneak into and take a dip in the pool after a hot day at the beach. The zig-zag building shown here is gone, but its double still exists on the water (was the restaurant). It is now owned by the Church of Scientology.

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  1. Some real mid-century gems lost...

  2. The public library was so beautiful and now gone. sigh.

  3. Are you sure that last pic is in 1974? Only asking because the cars look older. Since there aren't many, it may not mean much, but just wondering.

    thanks as usual--great post

  4. Yep - 1974. Car design evolved quickly in the 10 year period from 64-74 if you think about it. The cars on the road today from 1999 blend in more. Weird, huh?


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