Space Satellite Hotel, Pompano Beach, FL

Space Satellite Hotel, Pompano Beach, FL - March 1961
1450 South Ocean Blvd Pompano Beach, FL • No longer existing

Current news about the 40th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landing in July 1969 got me thinking about Florida tourism's adaptation to the space program. NASA was the pinnacle of the world's technology, where anything seemed possible, and all new technology was embraced.

Two months after this photo was taken, Astronaut Alan Shepard Jr. became the first American in space as he made a 15-minute suborbital flight in the Freedom 7 Project Mercury capsule launched from Cape Canaveral.

Florida Hotels, especially in and around the Space Coast got in on the act, and this one is no exception.

Although a blurry and red Ektachrome to start with, we can still enjoy the charms of this roadside signage. The Space Satellite Hotel boasts kitchens, Restaurant and Lounge, and of course — the Outer Space Room. We are missing the proper sign however, cut off on the right of the slide. I'm betting it was outta site! There's more on it than I scanned, and the headline act is Bill Carty!

Space Satellite's Outer Space Room - Bill Carty Album Cover

Here's a nice shot of the "Outer Space Room"! Overhead Lights act as stars in the heavens above, as a lunar landscape and blue-uniformed bartenders and hostesses set the stage for an evening of space age entertainment! The curved architecture in this club is a natural complement to the outer-space theme.

Photography: Sante Schwarm Sheldon. Stereoddities, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL Catalog CC-1A. Undated.

Space Satellite Match Book


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  1. Stere oddities- I love it!

  2. My family stayed at the Space Satellite for at least three years from around 1962 through 1964. Think they changed the name to the International in 1968. It was a great place. Obviously a different era, but I remember staying there like it was yesterday.

  3. Bill Carty was my stepfather. Thanks for those memories!!

  4. Libby - you have to give us more!! You must have some memories you can share.

  5. We too stayed there from around 1962 through 1965. Prior to staying at the Space Satellite we stayed at the Silver Thatch for a couple of years. We much preferred the Satellite as it was definitely more fun for younger kids. The Silver Thatch took itself too seriously. I have great memories of an Easter Sunday at the Space Satellite when we were swimming and listening to "I saw her standing there" by the Beatles. First time I ever had a "Mountain Dew" soda was at the Satellite.

  6. Fantastic photo with the sign! Here's an entry that we did for the restaurant ware used at this venue:

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