Riverview High School demolition, Sarasota, FL - Paul Rudolph

Was driving by last month during a storm to photograph some Victor Lundy churches in the area when I noticed the demolition of Riverview High well under way. Not sure about the situation, but it doesn't look good.

More info: saveriverview.blogspot.com/

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  1. Such a shame. I noticed on line there was a group trying to preserve it but i guess they failed.

  2. I'm unclear about what is being taken down. There was a real nice section still there I noticed when we were leaving, but failed to capture.

  3. I actually graduated from Riverview in 81. Normally I'm annoyed when "grand old architecture" is torn down i.e. the John Ringling Towers, but in this case against type I have to say good riddance. It was the most inadequate uncomfortable poorly planned building for a school. It was broiling in summer, cold and damp and drippy in winter, sound reverberated to excess in the hallways and was a pain in the bottom when you had 1st period on the second floor of the north wing (down the stairs) and 2nd period on the second floor of the south wing (up the stairs) and considering the wings weren't connected any other way and the stairs weren't protected by the elements - what a drag! And don't even talk about lockers! Hopefully the new Riverview was much better designed. Lisa Dean

  4. I geaduated in 08 sad to see it go and the new buildings look and feel like a prison. They didnt even remember US who went there I mean a painting something to remember the past...Oh well KC


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