Two Roadside Diners, 1950s

It could it be the tepee marquee, the torpedo propane tank, the matching blue car and sign-lettering, or even the trailer park across the street, but the real "roadside" here is the erstwhile prehistoric pictograph of the bison on the wall. And none of that endangered 90% Buffalo Meat crap, either...

I did notice those old soda bottles in the window, and ran a pass pushing the scanner limits. How many can you identify? RC Cola? Crush? Sprite? (Somewhere outside Yosemite, California, 1955)

Here's proof that the East Coast is just as much a player in the roadside diner department. Although less flashy than his West Coast competitor, the Jack Frost has a style all it's own. The subtle lettering on the marquee, the aztec brick pattern nod to Deco, and the outdoor seating next to the staircase all create distinctive charm that is "Jack Frost."

Which is evident as the husband sits safely in the car taking pictures while the wife gathers the deserts. Somewhere in Pennsylvania, 1953

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  1. What is the hood ornament on the bottom shot?

  2. I checked with my CSI-Kodachrome department — looks a 1946 Ford Type 1 (http://www.cadvision.com/blanchas/hood_ornaments)

    Also look at the shadow on the ground far left. Was probably a cool sign. Also just noticed the telephone poles in Buffalo Burgers receding in perspective to empty road. Both these shots have such a "Last Picture Show" feel to them...


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