Caneel Bay Plantation, 1956

Ahhhhh... Tropical atomic paradise in the Virgin Islands! In the early 50s, Laurance Rockefeller began buying tracts of land in St. John, starting with the old Caneel Bay plantation. He then developed a new type of small luxury resort that would have little impact on the environment. It opened in October 1956 (this is the original brochure) and was built of native wood and stone. I do admire the intimacy and minimal use of concrete.

Nice script font up above there...

How refreshing to look at pictures of the hotel today and see virtually the same paradise pictured in the original promotional material. They even use the same logo! This is where some of the Corona beer commercials have been filmed. The Caribbean mid-century landmarks seem to be less threatened than our friends in Hawaii.

The hotel rooms have been redecorated to look more Thomas Kincadian and British colonial than the Eames/Eichler modern pictured here, but overall it still looks like a great place to sit out a break from work!! I'd spend time on that open terrace at night with the stars, some steel drums, a tropical boat drink, myself...

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  1. Gotta like any place that keeps its original logo...

  2. Paradise on Earth !!!


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