Flyboy at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hi 1950

Still thinking about Honolulu & Waikiki — these slides came from a pilot's collection who toured and photographed various places in the Pacific and Asia. Here, he catches up with what appears to be a miniature Jimmy Buffett while literally on shore-leave at Waikiki beach.
Love this shot looking north towards the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The beach is narrow here, but there's plenty of room to chill under those graceful palms!

A real nice, almost travel-brochure perfect shot of the two boats visible in the background of the middle photo. This shot made me look for the Arthur Lyman records, dig out the blender for tropical drinks and retire to the lanai instead of finishing a web-site project. I did just get a new copy of Tiki magazine yesterday, too - and I don't even remember subscribing!

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  1. How do you get such great scans of those slides? They look amazing against the black background...

  2. I use a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED with infrared cleaning, know my way around PhotoShop, use a good monitor (Dell 2480). The color on Kodachrome 35mm slides really can be amazing to begin with. Not so much Ektachrome. Thanks for the kind comments!


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