The Lettering Studio portfolio, 1970

Here's a neat little brochure used for promotion from The Lettering Studio, 404 Park Ave. South, New York, NY - 1970.

Back in the day, you had to sketch your logo or letterforms out first, then turn it over to professional typographers for layout, photo manipulation, effects, etc. It must not have been cheap, either. These guys have a Park Ave address. Now go play with your Macs, everyone...

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  1. Kohinoor rapidographs, circle templates, adjustable curves.... I remember those days. Rubylith, Xacto knives, photostats, waxers and mechanicals... so much easier now. But it was areal craft then. Now however when a client wants the period moved outside the quotation marks, it is much, much easier....

  2. White-out, blue pencils, red ink, colorkeys, trips to the photo scanners and type house.
    Yep - don't miss 'em! Love digital ink.


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