Steel Pier, Atlantic City, 1953

Here's a threefer documenting a couple's 1953 visit to the shore in Atlantic City.

Dressed in their best pajama/beach-wear, they stroll past a '49 Ford Woody and a '52 Seafoam green Super Rocket 88 Sedan. Duck's Real Estate sign shows the location as Atlantic Ave. Wouldn't you buy a house from Duck?Here on the Boardwalk, you may wonder why you're in the mood for a Ballantine. Could it be the 200ft. sign behind you?? And whateryer doin on the boardwalk in yer trunks??? Getouddahere.

Lots of stuff going on here - I especially like the fact Louis Prima is here. I first heard him in the movie "The Jungle Book" as the ape that sang "I Wanna Be Like You!" I still to this day like his voice and chops. I also wonder when the diving horse retired... Anyway the whole beach experience in Jersey sure looks different than in Florida... more about that later!
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